Social Studies Journal

Social Studies Journal: Author’s guide

"Social Studies" Journal (SSJ) - Indexed with code ISSN: 2309-3455.
SSJ is the official journal of the Albanian Institute of Sociology (AIS), associated with Albanian Sociological association (ALBSA).
Founded in 1997, it is certified as scientific journal by the High Commission of the Assessment of Academic Titles, with decision No. 170, 20. 12. 2010.
SSJ is classified 'Scientific" by ANVUR, the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University System and Scientific Research of Italy - Ministry of Education, Universities and Scientific Research of Italy (MIUR), by decision no. 298, dated 21 December 2021.
SSJ is a bilingual Journal. The articles can be written either in English or Albanian. So, the selection of the articles is exclusive competence of the anonymous reviewers.
The authors themselves are also contributors, according to the volume of each article.

How to submit an article?
The article can be submitted to:;;
The submitted article will be select for publishing by the anonymous reviewers, through a blind review process.

Organize the manuscript in the following order:

Each article must comply with language standards. Articles can be scientific or review, original creations or translations.

The standard volume for articles is:
(a) for scientific articles - up to 8 computer pages.
(b) for review articles – up to 3 computer pages.
A computer page has 2200 characters (No space Characters)
Each article must be submitted in word format.

The structure of scientific articles should be:
(1) title, up to 15 words;
(2) author(s) (first name, last name); the institution where he/she is; electronic addresses - for each author;
(3) information about the author(s), 4-6 lines, as text;
(4) summary, with 200-250 words and 4-6 keywords

[Note 1: Summary/abstract includes: thematic issues/what this paper represents, research questions, theoretical approaches, methodology/concrete methods applied, findings/results and conclusions]

(5) the text of the article (accompanied by abbreviated references throughout the text).
(6) Complete references, at the end of the text, according to the alphabetical order of the last names of the authors;
(7) abstract in English (English variant of summary).

The article can be accompanied by footnotes. But footnotes are not references. They are just notes, additional clarifications.

The reference system of the "Social Studies" journal is the "Harvard System", with abbreviated references throughout the text as well as the complete list of references (the sources of information used) at the end, in alphabetical order of the last names of the authors (not with numbers).

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