Social studies: Author’s guide

Social Studies: Author’s guide

In general
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ISSN 2309-3471 (Online)
“Social Studies” is the official Journal of Albanian Institute of Sociology (AIS), and Department of Sociology of University Aleksander Moisiu Durres, Albania. Founded in 1997, it is certified as scientific journal by the High Commission of the Assessment of Academic Titles, with decision No. 170, 20. 12. 2010.
“Social Studies” is a bilingual Journal. The articles can be written either in English or Albanian.

How to submit an article?
The article can be submitted to: [email protected]; [email protected];
The submitted article will be select for publishing by the anonymous reviewers, though a blind review process.

Organize the manuscript in the following order:
Title, author(s), name(s) and institution(s), e-mail address (es), abstract (no longer than 150-200 words), text, references (Harvard System of references), notes on contributor/s (a short CV of a maximum of 10 lines, including both academic and organizational experience, and listing up to three selected publications).

Short references in text
Weber (1998); (Weber, 1998: 156); or Weber (1998: 156); (Lazesfeld and Berelson, 1990); (Olzak, Shanahan & West, 1986); (Larsen et al., 1989); (Blau, 1980; Kadare, 1995; Uçi, 2003; Pëllumbi, 2004; Omari, 1999); 2011a, 2011b.; (Tocqueville [1835] 2010), etc.

References following the text
List authors alphabetically, by surname.
Merton, Robert. [1949] 1968. Social Theory and Social Structure, New York: Free Press.
Buss, Loreta. 2010. “Childhood in Sociology and Society; the US Perspective”, Currant Sociology, Vol. 58, No. 2, pp. 355-350.

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