Officers of the Albanian Institute of Sociology (AIS)

Stearing Board (Statutes, Art. 6) has the attributes of the Academic Board and consists of a number of members not less than 3 (three) and no more than 7 (seven). It meets at least once every six months. Decisions are made with most of its members. The Executive Director is the legal representative of the AIS. AIS has its own bank accounts, which are available from the Executive Director. AIS is registered with the tax authority and is equipped with NIPT


Academic Board of the Albanian Institute of Sociology (AIS):

Lekë  SOKOLI, President/Director General

Servet PELLUMBI, Academic Director

Besim GOLLOPENI, Director of Regional Development and Integration

Ermioni HOXHA CEKANI, Director of Educational Policies and Developments

Agri SOKOLI, International Relation Director

Kozeta HOXHA, Director of Communication, Media, Culture and Art


Executive Director




Mobile: 0694067682;  0692044722

E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]