Council of the Thematic sections

Chair: Saemira PINO

ALBSA Vice-President for Research Committees/Thematic Sections:


Kozeta Hoxha - ST01

Matilda LIKAJ - ST02

Ledia KASHAHU - ST03

Jonida LAMAJ  - ST04

Brunilda ZENELAGA - ST05

Daniela Meçe - ST06

Hajdin ABAZI - ST07

Ermira Hoxha - ST08

Eralda Zhilla - ST09

Irena Nikaj - ST10

Nevila Kocollari - ST11

Rudina Hoxha - ST12

Luan Shahollari - ST13

Merita Xhumari - ST14

Denada QUKU - ST15

From the ALBSA Statutes:

Thematic Sections (or Research Committees) are composed  by members of different categories, that share the same academic interests. Each TS elects a Chairman and vice chairman, according to a regulation approved by the Executive Committee of ALBSA.

TS Chairmen form the Thematic Sessions Council (TSC), which is chaired by the Vice President  for Thematic Sessions.

The Council of the Thmatic Sessions elects its four representatives to the ALBSA Executive Committee, by two alternatives, following the approved procedures by the Executive Committee.