Call for papers

International Interdisciplinary Conference:

“Social Institutions in Contemporary Society”

[The Interaction between Education, Family, Religion, Politics, and Economy]



Albanian Sociological Association, ALBSA - Albanian Institute of Sociology, AIS

(14th Annual International Conference)

University Aleksander Moisiu of Durres, ALBANIA

University of Zadar, CROATIA

University of Mitrovica Isa Boletini, KOSOVO

Confronti Study Center, Roma ITALY


International Sociological Association (ISA)


Place and Time:

University Aleksander Moisiu of Durres, Albania

15-16 November 2019



Deadline for Abstracts submission: 15 Octobre 2019; 24.00 GMT

Deadline for Main, Special, and Joint Sessions: 15 October 2019; 24.00 GMT


Conference themes:

I. Central Theme: “Social institutions in Contemporary Society”

II. Themes by 15 permanent Thematic Sections (TS01-TS15):

TS01. Public sphere, Communication, Culture & Art

TS02. Population and Migration

TS03. Education and Sport

TS04. Political Studies and Law Issues

TS05. Religion, Collective Behavior and Social Movements

TS06. Marriage, Family and Community

TS07. Integration and Globalization

TS08. Childhood, Youth and Gender

TS09. Work, Professions and Organization

TS10. Theoretical, Comparative, Regional and Historical Studies

TS11. Deviance, Criminology, Public Health and Security 

TS12. Ethnic Relations, Nationalism, Human Rights

TS13. Environment, Economy and Development

TS14. Science, Technology and Innovation

TS15. Student’s Section: Education, Family, and Religion on Student's Perspective


Conference program include

Opening Ceremony and Welcome Address: UAMD (New Campus), 15 November 2019

Main, Special, and Joint Sessions: UAMD, 15 & 16 November 2019

Parallel Thematic Sessions (TS01-15): UAMD, 15 & 16 November 2019


Registration fee:
Unable to cover the costs of the conference with sponsorship, a participation fee will be applied, differentiated according to the category of countries, based on World Bank rankings (A, B, C Countries;

The fee of participation, by the Category of the Countries:

Categories of the Countries

Fee of Participation


Category A: High Income

60 Euro


Category B: Upper middle income

50 Euro


Category C: Low income

30 Euro


Permanent & institutional contributors

No fee of participation (with deadline: 31 July 2019, 24.00 GMT)


Categories of the Countries: The World Bank, ; Or:



1. Proceedings (Program and Abstracts Book, organizers, plenary sessions, thematic sessions, Index Presenters etc.);

2. In Special Issue of the International Scientific Journal “Social Studies” (ISSN 2309-3455, print)


How to present a paper?

1. Choose the Session (Thematic Sections: ST01 – ST15) to which you wish to participate;

2. Fill out the Abstract Submission Form and submit to the Conference Secretary. Please don’t submit more than two abstracts for the entire conference. In case when two abstracts are submitted those must not refer to a single Thematic Section;

3. Wait for the confirmation of abstract receipt; those who do not receive confirmation within 10 days should contact the secretary of the conference;

4. Wait for the Acceptance Letter;

5. Contact with Secretary of the conference for the registration procedures;

6. Take the confirmation of the registration.


How to Submit Abstracts Online

Go to:

Click: Conferences – Call for papers - Online abstracts submission”

Select a Thematic Session

Fill out the Paper Proposal Form/Abstract Submission Form & Submit


Secretary of the conference:

Enkelejda CENAJ, Department of Sociology, FE-UAMD

Matilda LIKAJ, Department of Sociology, FE-UAMD

Elda KUTROLLI, Albanian Institute of Sociology (AIS)

E-mail: [email protected]

E-mail: [email protected]


We are looking forward to meeting you in Durres-Albania, in November 2019 !