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International Interdisciplinary Conference:

 “Comparative Studies in Modern Society; Balkans in European and Global Context”


Please, fill out the Abstract Submission Form (ASF) and send it to the Conference secretary: E-mail: [email protected]

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Abstract Submission Form

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Thematic Session (ST01-ST15)

TS01. Public sphere, Communication, Culture & Art

TS02. Population and Migration

TS03. Education and Sport

TS04. Political Studies and Law Issues

TS05. Religion, Collective Behaviour and Social Movements

TS06. Marriage, Family and Community

TS07. Integration and Globalization

TS08. Childhood, Youth and Gender

TS09. Work, Professions and Organization

TS10. Theoretical, Comparative, Regional and Historical Studies

TS11. Deviance, Criminology, Public Health and Security 

TS12. Ethnic Relations, Nationalism, Human Rights

TS13. Environment, Economy and Development

TS14. Science, Technology and Innovation

TS15. Student’s Section: Student’s Perspective on Comparative Approaches



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The presentation will be: (1). Oral Presentation; (2). Power point; (3). Distributed paper; (4). Poster Presentation; (5). Videoconference


Except participating in the conference, and presenting the paper:

Are you interested to publish the article in the Scientific International Journal “Social Studies” [English or Albanian, only Social and Human Sciences]


If “YES”, please submit the article to: [email protected]