The Code of "Move(ment) for a Good Society"


This code is the symbol of the identity of MGS. His demands are considered as moral preconditions for its members, who undertake:

  1.  To comply with the principle that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness";
  2. To assist in the modeling of the society according to ethical standards in all its levels, family, neighborhood and community, work, school, until the whole society;
  3.  To influence that Education would be the National Priority, considering it as a universal key for a Good Society, encouraging the movements "Good School – Good Society” "University for the Good Society "etc .
  4.  To increase the role of science, scholars, intellectuals, students, etc., in reforming the society through studies that precede reforms and by engaging in intellectual and social movements, public debates, rallies, petitions, etc.;
  5. To develop the “Kantian” capitalism, where the Man is always goal and never instrument 
  6. To promote the implementation of the principles "do what we have in hand, give an example, create a pattern" & "Good Society through Good Acts and Good Actions"; 
  7. To consider the active citizenship as a key for the consolidation of democracy, based on the principle: "Do not wait, but move for a good life, for a Good Society";
  8. MGS has its own network and its organizational structures in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and the Albanian Diaspora as well. MGS pursues possible ways to increase a positive influence in society, through the "Coalition for a Good Society" and other forms. MGS has no membership fees. Members contribute for a common collective purpose. MGS members engaged themselves not to allow any manipulation (political or otherwise) that deviates from the principles of this Code.

Compiled by the MGS Founders;
January 25, 2016


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