Benefits of the Members

(From the ststutes of the Albanian Sociological Association)

ALBSA is open to all those individuals that work, develop, teach or study in the field of sociology or related disciplines, regardless of their personal beliefs, party affiliation, gender, religion, ethnicity, wealth etc. The evaluation for individual membership is performed by the Membership and Finance Commission (Statutes, Article 4. 3).

Members of over 65 years of age are considered Life Members. They are considered in good standing upon acquiring membership, or for effective members, from the moment they reach 65 years of age (Statutes, Article 4. 3).

To remain members in Good Standing the members must have paid their membership dues for the current year and votes in respect to the Statutes. The membership dues are determined by the Executive Committee, following the proposal of Membership and Finance Committee (Statutes, Article 5. 1).

Benefits for members Good Standing

Each member, in Good Standing:

(1) Is a collective member of ISA, ESA and BSF;

(2) Receives the monthly bulletins of ESA and ISA;

(3) Participate free of charge in the Annual International Conferences of AIS-ALBSA;

(4) Has a discount 20 per cent for publishing in the Social Studies Journal, a scientific journal, certificated by the decision No. 170, date 20.12.2010 from MES/KEAT [MASH/KVTA]);

(5) Receives free of charge the journal and other scientific periodicals of AIS-ALBSA;

(6) Represents the AIS-ALBSAin the activities of ISA and ESA, respecting the rules of representation;

(7) Participates in 1-3 ALBSA Thematic Sections/Departments;

(8) May apply for projects on behalf of AIS-ALBSA and direct them in accordance with the rules and the mission of the institution;

(9) Has the right of monitoring and informing about all organizational, scientific and economic activity of the AIS-ALBSA.


Each member, in order to be in GOOD STANDING must:

(1) Pay the membership fee, of 10 EUR per year;

(2) Vote, once every two years (even online), for the AIS-ALBSA Assembly.