Albanian Institute Sociology (AIS)

AIS is a non-public research institution, independent of public administration, state, political or religious institutions. It does not pursue political, commercial, business or religious purposes.

ISSH works in close partnership with Albanian Sociological Association (SSS).

The purpose of AIS is (Statute, Article 3):

To promote the development of the discipline of sociology, creating a network of active associates, without distinction due to personal political or ideological beliefs, party, gender, religious, ethnic, material affiliation etc.

To coordinate and promote the scientific activity of researchers in this field and to promote academic debate;

To sensitize Albanian public opinion and other institutions of the state and society for different social phenomena and suggest solutions of public interest;

To stimulate the creation of a hierarchy of scientific values and contributions as well as the sponsorship of sociological research;

Organize surveys, and becoming an institution of scientific and trustworthy authority in testing public opinion;

To create research funding opportunities in social sciences, through the volunteering of collaborators, the contribution of partners and friends of science, as well as sponsorships, publications, services, legal enterprise, funded projects etc.;

To follow and highlight the creativity of Albanian scholars of social sciences and their foreign associates, and to publish it through publications and other forms;

To encourage the preparation of new scholars of sociology and related sciences, their preparation in public and non-public universities, their employment, postgraduate scientific qualification, involvement in projects, etc.


Fields of activity (Charter, Article 4)

AIS field of activity includes:

studies and scientific activities (symposia, seminars, conferences, roundtables, etc.);

Academic and public lectures;

Short-term and medium-term training courses;

Scientific cooperation with public and non-public universities, organizations, associations and Albanian and foreign institutions;

Membership in international institutions of sociology;

Publishing of books, magazines, etc. Of sociology and other sciences close to sociology;

Economic or non-economic activity (for example, organization of campaigns for funds, grants, donations) for any other lawful revenue-generating activity provided that they are used only for the purposes set out in its statute.

AIS can have one or more specific or joint scientific journals with homologue institutions, associations, universities, etc.

Officers of the Albanian Institute of Sociology (AIS)

Stearing Board (Statute, Art. 6) has the attributes of the Academic Board and consists of a number of members not less than 3 (three) and no more than 7 (seven). It meets once every six months. Decisions are made with most of its members.

The Executive Director is the legal representative of the AIS.

AIS has its own bank accounts, which are available from the Executive Director.

AIS is registered with the tax authority and is equipped with NIPT

Stearing Board of the Albanian Institute of Sociology (AIS):

Lekë  SOKOLI, President

Servet Pellumbi, , Academic Director

Sejdin Cekani, Director of Publications

Luan Shahollari, Economic Director

Kozeta HOXHA, Director of Public Relations

Executive Director

Elda Kutrolli


Mobile: 0694067682;  0692044722